Antunes equipment is known for its tremendous versatility, allowing chefs and operators to constantly innovate and expand their menus. To demonstrate all that Antunes makes possible, we invited seven chefs from the U.S., Canada and Mexico to come together for a special cooking competition using Antunes equipment.

Each chef used the versatility of Antunes equipment in surprising new ways. Explore their delicious creations in our videos below.

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See The Chefs In Action

7 Extraordinary Chefs Imagine Something Different

See how Chef Waltman used the Deluxe Food Warmer and Egg Station to create a decadent s’mores-style bread pudding topped with meringue.

Savor the rich flavors of Chef Morales’ Southern-style shrimp and grits, prepared using the Jet Steamer and Rapid Steamer.

Experience “Fast Food of the Future” with Chef Chlebowski as he prepares his desert flatbread with wild boar and hot dogs using the Deluxe Food Warmer, Jet Steamer, Hot Dog Corral and Flatbread Toaster.

Take a bite out of Chef Harrell’s Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich with homemade pickled giardiniera, made with the Rapid Steamer and Vertical Contact Toaster.

Get a firsthand look at Chef McQuay’s “okonomiyaki” — a savory Japanese pancake with pork belly and marinated shrimp — created using only the Egg Station.

Head south of the border with Chef Santos’ mouthwatering chiles en nogada, prepared using the Miracle Steamer.

Enjoy a taste of the islands with Chef Stoffer’s tropical bread pudding featuring coconut-based croissants and banana sauce on top — created using just the Egg Station and Jet Steamer.


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